twin-hearts stone weir


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twin-hearts stone weir





A fairly famous and iconic landmark/viewpoint for Taiwanese, situated on Qimei island, I happened to see two sets of couples getting holiday snaps for their wedding albums.Probably not worth more than 20 minutes of your time though and certainly not worth traveling to see only this. This is essentially only a photo opportunity so take a snap, maybe get something to eat from the friendly vendors and that's all there is to it.


I'm not sure how you can get down and walk on the Twin-Hearts path, but we had a bird's eye view from a nice cliff.Yes. It's a tourist trap. There's a lot of vendors selling different goods ranging from fans to ice cream to toys. Their cactus ice cream was... different. more of a italian ice than ice cream.


It is beautiful on a nice, sunny day. But only then, and it's a classic tourist "trap". It was built for tourists to come and see, so I wouldn't bother to come all the way to Qimei/Chimei island just for this. The real traditional fish weirs are mostly located around the northern island of Jibei -- which is a lot easier (and cheaper) to get to. There are dozens of them in various shapes and sizes to see around that island. And Jibei also has the magnificent sand bar and numerous beaches to enjoy. But if you combine the Twin-hearts stone weir with some other sites in Qimei, it could be worth the visit.


One of the reason for visiting Penghu - to see this twin-hearts stone weir (雙心石滬) at Qimei island! It was great to see this in person. The blue sky, waters and the heart shapes makes a beautiful picture! Must include this when visiting Penghu.

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